Often, when we are struggling in life, it's not so much a sign of a problem, but of an opportunity for growth. I help people move beyond the patterns that they sense are holding them back, and to finally step into the wide open possibility of living here and now. Also, there are big-world systemic problems, and I support people in developing awareness of larger social systems, and ways to show up in and around these systems to support their needs to be met. Though I embrace many common therapeutic principles, two factors are quite unique about our work together.

            First, our work invites the wisdom all throughout your body to come into the process, through breath, awareness, movement and expression. Sometimes subtle and sometimes wild, sometimes somber and sometimes celebratory… we don’t know what to expect in the process. We are led in many ways by your body more than your thoughts, as the body reveals what one's consciousness is not ready to acknowledge. Part of my work is to help you "hear" and feel these messages.

            Second, I work with most people through group work and relationship counseling. The groups I offer are safe places to take big (or little) risks, and change lives both through the energized and expressive work we do together, as well as through the remarkable support and challenge that is possible only in a committed group environment. Many needs are often more effectively supported through group work than individual counseling (and it's also a fraction of the cost of individual sessions). Alternately, the work I do with family, friend, professional or romantic relationships (including non-traditional arrangements) is compassionate, but cuts through the narratives that trap so many. We go into the real feelings and held-back expressions to clarify connection, so that you can be with more of yourself and each other.

            As a social worker and activist, I am avid in my practice of antiracism, feminism and affirmation of sexual/gender-diversity. I welcome you and am committed to seeing and hearing you, and holding space for the bigness of your need and goals.

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Jeremy Fulwiler


The heart of my work is two-fold: to guide people to follow the map of their own bodies to arrive at deeper personal awareness and wellness, and to support people to more fully embody their true selves in relationship with others (as well as be able to tolerate other people being their true selves). I began learning bodymind healing practices in 1999, working as a social worker in 2007, and as a therapist in 2011. 

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I'm thrilled to work in the historically designated Evans Creek Lodge, surprisingly located less than two miles from Detroit in Southfield, MI. For those so inclined, outdoor sessions are also available when weather permits. Zoom and phone sessions are available when geography, health or road conditions warrant. Until further notice, sessions are offered outdoors (socially distanced) or by phone or Zoom. (For those interested in renting Evans Creek Lodge for weekend events, click here.)



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Jeremy Fulwiler

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September 20, 2017

It turns out that restoring a log cabin and undergoing deep personal growth work have a lot in common... Right now, Evans Creek Lodge looks worse than ever. And it has taken a lot of work to get here! It is an embodied reminder that to “fix something up” often means to first “let something go.” How refreshing to experience this in live, tangible 3-D, as it is so similar to the somewhat invisible change journeys we go on when w...

June 6, 2017

I'd like to share a poem with you. But first a story.

As I was recently getting ready to announce my new (and first) book of poetry, "Prodigal Selves," I felt remarkably insecure and needy. All of a sudden I was in 9th grade again: desperately seeking security and affirmation, scared of being judged/seen/unseen/bullied, unknowingly hoping someone else would validate my whole existence.

"Present-Day Me" wanted to exile this insec...

May 9, 2017

So I take a 5K run every weekend - the same route every time. (My husband calls it "The Jeremy Classic.") I have chosen this route because it maximizes exposure to green spaces, and, as it seems, lilac bushes. This Sunday I had the slowest time perhaps ever on my run despite recently working on speed.

Yet I was thrilled!

I can't count how many lilacs I must have smelled on my route. I have slowed down to smell them before, but t...

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Committed to practicing antiracism, feminism and LGBTQ+ affirmation

Wellness Beyond Words

Evans Creek Lodge

24330 Lahser Road

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(248) 397-4777


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