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Individual sessions are deep dives into your body and energy. In these sessions you can...

  • surf the waves of your feelings/energy into the mysterious and un-storied parts of yourself

  • reveal the stories that your body is always telling, but seldom are heard

  • explore how health symptoms may be linked to other “layers” of who you are

  • have an embodied exploration of the mysticism of your dreamworld

  • discover vast and intimate guidance from the nature within and around you

You will find details on these options below.


This journey is not interested in a diagnosis or focused on a problem. We are, instead, both supporting you to arrive in the birthright of your life and this precious world more fully. Sessions are scheduled one at a time or as clusters to address specific intentions; or monthly as part of an ongoing embodied inquiry, and to support and deepen your home practice and/or group experience. 

Home practice is much of what allows this growth to have continuity. I am committed to supporting you to maintain the continuity of your healing journey, and I will work with you to develop daily and weekly practices involving body movement, meditation, ritual, journaling and creative practices. Your home practice...

  • strengthens your own life leadership,

  • increases the impact, while decreasing the frequency, of our individual sessions,

  • and allows us to make the most out of the remarkable time we get to spend together when we are in session.


It may come as a surprise, however, that most of the support I offer to individuals is actually offered through group process. Having a recurring and committed group vastly deepens the continuity and reach of the work we do in individual sessions, or the work you may be doing with other practitioners or therapists. I facilitate several ongoing process groups. Please check out more information on groups here. I prioritize my limited individual session offerings for those who are also enrolled in groups, though welcome anyone to reach out.


$200 for one hour

The following descriptions offer some ideas of how individual sessions can be focused. These approaches represent some of the most affirming and expansive ways I can be with you on your evolutionary journey. In all likelihood, our work will integrate a few of the elements below with your own guiding visions, and the guidance that develops within our working together.

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Following the Energy 

In these sessions, we surf the waves of your energy into the mysterious and un-storied parts of yourself. After a brief grounding, check in, and setting of intention, we shift into “process consciousness.” In doing so, we follow the process of your in-the-moment experience of Self by allowing spaciousness to feel, and also to notice how feeling is blocked. We respond with compassionate and sometimes expressive forms of embodiment, which then allow increased depth of aliveness. We hold a trust that what is most needed and affirming will be served by tuning into your deep body and relational wisdoms (of which you have a great deal!). Following the flows and blockages of your life force allows greater capacity for pleasure, expression, love, and bringing yourself more fully into the world.


Body Reading

Body readings help reveal the stories that our bodies are always telling, but seldom get heard. How your body has developed and come into form, how you express through your body and voice, how you breathe, and how you feel in your body are a few of the inquiries we’ll make. Body readings are best served when the client’s body is more revealed, such as wearing a bathing suit or athletic wear, though body readings can be offered while the client is fully dressed, as well. Partial body readings can occur in a single session. Multiple sessions allow for further exploration and follow-up, as well as to address the changes and shifts that happen over time. Exercises to practice at home will be given to help support increasing energy and consciousness from what develops through the process.


Exploring Symptoms and Other Somatic Wisdom

Whether you experience chronic pain, allergies, an occasional sinus infection, sexual difficulty, an achy knee, or life-altering diagnoses, your body is a generous (and efficient) communicator. In these sessions, we consider what is happening somatically (expressed through your body) and how these experiences may be linked to other “layers” of who you are, such as cognition, emotion, ancestry, spirit, and a person impacted by social/cultural systems. Though some people experience symptom relief through this kind of exploration, the greater intention is to increase your depth of understanding and compassion for yourself, to allow whatever symptomatic experiences you are having to be a gateway through which you come more fully into the world not less.


Table Work

Table work sessions combine elements of the above three formats while you are lying on a massage table (clothed as you'd be for a body reading). Through a combination of conversation, body palpation (gentle to moderate pressure), and energy work, we go on a process of literally feeling into places where energy and consciousness are blocked to learn more about your deeper needs. These sessions include some warm-up movement, integration time at the end, and identifying some home practices for you to engage on your own outside of session.

Dream Exploration

Your dreamworld is full of rich revelations and infinite possibilities. In these sessions, we explore what comes up through your dreams (whether dreams you have while asleep or expansive dreamlike moments you have while awake) in ways that bring together reflection, embodiment and mysticism. 


Nature As Partner

Meeting in the woods along the Rouge River, these sessions are designed to support you to develop greater intimacy with Nature both within and around you. Discover vast and intimate guidance from deep within yourself and the nature beings all around you.

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