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When someone joins a process group, they become part of a conscious constellation with others, and the breadth of their life expands.


Group work holds deep potential for you to discover your own and other people’s infinity – and the extraordinary experience of being revealed together. Honestly, there is nothing I am more passionate about or believe is more needed in our world today.


I facilitate several ongoing, committed process groups (details below). The growth, bravery, safety and love that develops in these groups continue to mystify me. Group members learn to be present with evermore of their most loving, wild, relational and authentic selves. Together, they reclaim, nourish and strengthen. These experiences reach throughout group members’ lives and even seem to reach through time as well, healing old wounds, and pave the way for future successes.

What happens in a group? Many different things, for sure. But we often first settle into ourselves and the session with various forms of warming up, then check in with each other, which leads us to explore and support the needs and longings that are currently present. This generally involves some degree of revealing, moving, laughing, and learning, while feeling more seen and less alone. We close as a circle and return a couple weeks later to find our flow again. Somehow, over time, a kind of alchemy develops. And lives change.


Through group process you will also be able to…

  • Clarify your boundaries, wants and needs with others

  • Experience an extraordinary amount of group energy to help lift you beyond your current limits, in the timing that is compassionately attuned to your own growth

  • Have others there to reflect your strengths and the impact you make in the world 

  • Learn how to tolerate and appreciate a growing capacity for vulnerability with others

  • Discover defensive patterns that may seem to keep you feeling safe, but are actually pulling you off course from your true longings and needs

  • Be in a space where differentness is explored as a gateway to intimacy as opposed to separation

  • Get more in touch with your body and integrate the great knowledge of your head with the rest of you!

Of the several groups I facilitate, there are three different forms. Below is an overview for your review, and you can click on each one for even more information.


Core Energetics Process Groups


Embodied. Relational. Exploration of individual goals and the remarkable opportunities that develop as people are willing to be curious about what happens when they come together. Meets two times per month. Much more information here.

Outdoor Core


Nature. Embodiment. Adventuring together to discover what happens when we take the walls off and have greater access to our and the Earth's wilderness... Meets twice per month. Much more information here.

Small, Steady & Embodied Online Groups


Meeting for one hour twice per month, these groups are intentionally smaller and stick to subtler techniques of embodiment throughout. New groups are currently forming!

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