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Our lives are built with relationships. The more a relationship matters to us in our lives, the more likelihood we will have of feeling triggered or challenged beyond our current ability. This is not only natural, but an important part of being in relationship. Consciously exploring these edges and feelings is often transformational – even sacred. 


Whether your relationship is soaring, in need of some resuscitation, or in need of closure, you have so much to gather from the experience. These sessions are a potent opportunity for the individuals to evolve, as well as a supportive space for relationships to breathe and expand in new ways.


Though we will certainly use words together, we will emphasize experiences that drop beneath the storied realms of thought, belief, and retellings of past experiences. As dynamics show up in the session, we may become aware of physical sensations, or introduce simple movements, explore shifts in proximity, voice, point-of-view, or find safe ways to bring held-back expressions into your relationship’s shared energy and awareness. You will be more revealed, felt, heard and seen – as will the other(s) you are in relationship with.


Relationship sessions are most often scheduled every-other-week, though can be clustered for a more intensive opportunity, or spaced out far and wide as per your interests. All relationship configurations are welcome.


$220 for one hour

Additional fee of $30/additional person for groups of 3 or more

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