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DESCRIPTION: Recent years have so clearly revealed how our healing is interwoven with one another. Get support from a small group (3-6 participants) who meet online together every-other-week for one hour, and receive between-session exercises. Online sessions include gentle embodiment exercises, nervous system re-regulation, sharing experiences, and offering/receiving support from others who are on their own unique, but similar, journeys. Wednesdays or Thursdays, morning or lunch time (Eastern Time). $120/month (2 sessions/month). 3-month commitment with the option to continue. 


REGISTRATION: Please email me or call if you are interested in this group, including your current sense of goal or intention that you'd like to bring into this process. (No pressure - this can change!) If you are new to working with me, after I receive your email or call, our next step is to schedule one or two individual sessions to build rapport and develop a shared sense of if working together, and this group in particular, are a good fit.

SLIDING SCALE: Though I have worked to keep the session rate affordable to most, I am committed to making this group experience financially accessible for any who are aligned with this process.

SCHEDULE: Groups are forming for Thursday mornings and Wednesday around noon eastern time. Please share your preference and availability.

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