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SOUNDS EXCITING, BUT WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? Each session will begin with grounding and attuning ourselves to oneself, each other and the environment. This will include embodied practices, including practices that can be used for supportive self-regulation during challenging points that will inevitably arise occasionally through this committed and deep work. Sessions will include a wide variety of planned and spontaneous practices for deepening one's connection to self, group and nature.

REGISTRATION: Please email me or call if you are interested in this group, including your current sense of goal or intention that you'd like to bring into this process. (No pressure - this can change!) Also, please share how you feel about making a 12-session (one year) commitment, as this is an important part of this group's culture. If you are new to working with me, after I receive your email or call, our next step is to schedule one individual session to build rapport and develop a shared sense of if working together, and this group in particular, are a good fit.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships are available for those who are a good fit for this group but for whom paying the full rate would be prohibitive. I prioritize the needs of those holding marginalized identities.

REAL TALK ON WEATHER: I am not interested in anyone feeling obliged to put themselves at the risk of illness or ignoring real needs for health and safety throughout this process. For those with health concerns, accommodations will be made as best as possible.

ACCESSIBILITY: The outdoor grounds of Evans Creek Lodge are unfortunately not accessible for those with significant mobility challenges. There is a steep grade which requires stairs. I am hopeful of getting city approval to make a ramp option available. Please accept my sincere apology.

SCHEDULE: Sessions are scheduled every four weeks, beginning Sep. 16, and will run for 12 sessions total. You have the option of coming to the Lodge every second Wednesday after session from 6-7pm to spend time on the grounds for personal exploration, meditation, ritual and/or nature observation.