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Jeremy Fulwiler


The heart of my work is to guide people to follow the map of their own bodies to arrive at deeper personal awareness and wellness. I began working as a social worker in 2007 and as a therapist in 2011. I'd describe my style as mostly gentle, energetic, kind but not so much that it obscures honesty, and very encouraging. I work with individuals and groups, supporting adults to express their thoughts and energy in new ways - including the things people may have often felt un-allowed from feeling or expressing.


Body Psychotherapy & Mind/Body Counseling


The approach I take to therapy combines talking (sometimes quite a bit of it, especially at first) with body awareness & movement. I understand that our minds and bodies are not inherently separate, but are like two sides of the same coin - what affects one will affect the other. If something is showing up in your mind or your relationships, it will also be present in your body - and vice versa. By "adding body" to therapy, we create an opportunity for a more exciting and transformational experience - one in which more of you is invited to evolve and integrate together. Learn more in the short video and read more by clicking on the buttons below.



I'm thrilled to work in the historically designated Evans Creek Lodge, surprisingly located less than two miles from Detroit in Southfield, MI. For those so inclined, outdoor sessions are also available when weather permits. Skype and phone sessions are available when geography, health or road conditions warrant. (For those interested in renting Evans Creek Lodge for weekend events, click here.)





Are you seeking support with life goals, living into your life calling or finding your full vitality? Or are you having challenges with trauma, adjustments, anxiety or depression? And/or are you seeking affirmative care for matters of sex/sexuality or gender?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, I hope you'll either continue exploring this website, email me or give me a call at 248-397-4777. We can consider together if we could be a good fit, and I would be happy to answer any of your questions about this life-affirming process.

It is my great passion and honor to support many people though the journey of integrating mind and body. This process reveals the map to integrating one's self, relationships and life. Thanks for taking a moment to learn more.

     - Jeremy



Jeremy Fulwiler

Evans Creek Lodge

24330 Lahser Road

Southfield, MI 48033

(248) 397-4777



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September 20, 2017

It turns out that restoring a log cabin and undergoing deep personal growth work have a lot in common... Right now, Evans Creek Lodge looks worse than ever. And it has taken a lot of work to get here! It is an embodied reminder that to “fix something up” often means to first “let something go.” How refreshing to experience this in live, tangible 3-D, as it is so similar to the somewhat invisible change journeys we go on when w...

June 6, 2017

I'd like to share a poem with you. But first a story.

As I was recently getting ready to announce my new (and first) book of poetry, "Prodigal Selves," I felt remarkably insecure and needy. All of a sudden I was in 9th grade again: desperately seeking security and affirmation, scared of being judged/seen/unseen/bullied, unknowingly hoping someone else would validate my whole existence.

"Present-Day Me" wanted to exile this insec...

May 9, 2017

So I take a 5K run every weekend - the same route every time. (My husband calls it "The Jeremy Classic.") I have chosen this route because it maximizes exposure to green spaces, and, as it seems, lilac bushes. This Sunday I had the slowest time perhaps ever on my run despite recently working on speed.

Yet I was thrilled!

I can't count how many lilacs I must have smelled on my route. I have slowed down to smell them before, but t...

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